Cyber-Lock Smart Cylinder Systems

Cyber-Lock Smart Cylinder Systems

Smiley Locksmith now offers Smart key systems such as Medeco Hybrid & Cyber-Locks. These smart key systems provide a simple and cost affective way to transform an ordinary lock into a sophisticated, wireless access control system with audit trail.

Incorporates existing mechanical lock hardware, no need to wire or change the structure of the lock. By just replacing the lock’s core with a Medeco Hybrid or Cyber-Lock e-cylinder, you can gain control and audit the people coming into your property. These electronic locks and keys keep a record of lock usage or unauthorized attempts to enter your property.

In the event that an electronic key is lost, it can be quickly deactivated.

Receive e-mail alerts and audit reports of employee’s key usage and activity. Program employee’s or contractor’s electronic key to open selected locks at specific days and times.

With this advanced smart key system you will gain key control and eliminate the need to Rekey locks in the future.